Sunday, April 21, 2013

Darren's New Job

For the past few months Darren has been working as a recruiter for hospitals and he has hated it. It was nice that he could work from home and work whenever he wanted but that was also hard because he never wanted to work. I also watch Jack and Maddie at our house and we were pretty distracting for him. A couple weeks ago we started looking on craigslist for a job for him. He didn't want to have another dumb job especially since he has a bachelor's degree. We were lucky enough to find a job in Rexburg that he qualifies for and that requires a bachelor's degree. Darren applied for the job and had an interview. We were really nervous that he wouldn't get the job because a lot of other people applied for it and we are only going to be living here for 8 more months. Before his interview Darren told me he has never not gotten a job that he interviewed for. I practiced interviewing him with some hard questions and he had such good answers. He's so good he thinks he could teach a class about how to interview for a job! And apparently he is really good at interviewing because he got the job even though we thought he probably wouldn't!

Darren's new job is a psycho social rehabilitation specialist. He works with troubled kids and helps them learn whatever skills they are working on. Each kid has a treatment plan with different things to work on and he goes to their home and works with them. It is a pretty interesting job and he is learning skills that will definitely help him be a good parent. The best thing about his new job is that he makes more than minimum wage! Woot woot! I am also still nannying and so our two incomes combined will help us save some money for graduate school, which is really nice. 

We have felt really blessed lately with all of the good things that have been happening in our lives. Everything in our lives has fallen into line, and things have been working out perfectly. We are very grateful for all of our blessings!
Left: Darren before he left for his interview
Righ: Darren with his new business cards! 

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  1. Congrats Darren! That sounds like a great job! So happy for you guys :)